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An Unknown Artist Is Drawing Masterpieces All Over A New Zealand University

Who is the phantom sketcher at Victoria University of Wellington?

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A peculiar sort of graffiti has started appearing all over Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

User mmmaahh posted photos on Imgur of the sketches, which have a distinctly classical theme.

"The drawings have been popping up quite frequently in the uni's oldest building that's used for arts majors," mmmaahh told BuzzFeed. "Hence the state of the desks."

The images originally found their way onto an unofficial university Facebook page.

Students have been speculating about the serial graffiti artist's identity, with some wondering if it's one of the after-hours cleaners.

But, says mmmaahh, "no one actually knows who is doing them. Such mystery."

One thing's for sure, though.

Whoever the artist is, they've heard of Sweet Brown.