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    Posted on May 26, 2014

    Woman Hospitalised After Being Bitten By A Snake In Her Toilet

    A cautionary tale.

    While on the toilet in her Spanish home, Iris Castroverde heard some "odd splashing", and then was bitten on her bottom. / - Not the snake from the story.

    (These pictures are for illustration only. We suspect Iris Castroverde was too busy to photograph the event.)

    She jumped up and saw a green and yellow snake disappearing from the bowl. Her bite was treated in hospital, and she was later discharged. / - Not the snake from the story.

    Officials have completed an unsuccessful search of Castroverde's apartment block's pipe system.

    deyangeorgiev / Thinkstock

    According to Spain's ABC newspaper, the snake is now believed to be dead - but that hasn't stopped Castroverde's neighbours from pouring caustic soda regularly down the sink and investing in urinals.

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