A Boatload Of Rowdy Vikings Sailed Up The Thames This Week

Are we being invaded AGAIN?

1. A Viking longboat appeared on the river Thames yesterday.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

2. As it sailed past the Houses of Parliament, the axe-wielding Vikings on board got quite rowdy. As is the Viking way.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

3. Here they are rowdily waving their axes, photographed from a safe distance.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

4. It’s OK - it wasn’t really an invasion. The longboat was actually being towed to the British Museum.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

5. The whole thing was to promote “Vikings Live from the British Museum”, a cinema broadcast going out on 24 April.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

6. This cinema broadcast is part of the BP exhibition “Vikings life and legend”, which is on at the British Museum until 22 June.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

7. Hooray for Vikings!

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