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24 Things Everyone Does When The Clocks Go Back

But what time is it really?

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1. Do this every year, even though the clocks have gone back in October since 1916.

(At least they do in the UK.)

2. Become momentarily unable to tell the difference between "backwards" and "forwards".

3. Panic until you realise that you get an extra hour in bed.

4. Gleefully exclaim "extra hour in bed!" to everyone you know several times a day.

5. Mention it at least once a day throughout October, yet manage to be surprised when the day actually comes.

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6. As a result, miss the last train home at least once.

7. Privately curse whoever came up with the idea of all the clocks going back at 2 o'clock in the morning.

8. Engage in a private (and ultimately futile) vendetta against William Willett, the father of daylight saving time, even though he's long dead. / Wikimedia Commons

9. Share your pain on Twitter.

10. Diligently go around changing every clock in the house.

11. Forget to change the time on the microwave, so the kitchen is always one hour ahead.

12. Try to change the time on a radio-controlled clock, and get freaked out because it somehow psychically knew about the time change already.

13. One year become totally oblivious to the change in time.

14. Walk through strangely empty morning streets the day after, idly wondering if there has been a zombie apocalypse.

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15. Experience mild cognitive dissonance during your morning commute because it's pitch black outside but you feel relatively normal.

16. Wage a fierce internal war over whether it's good or bad to have lunch at 11am.

17. Or a beer at 4pm.

18. Experience a weird sort of jetlag at around 5pm every day for a week.

19. Doze off during prime time TV.

20. Take to saying, "but what time is it really?" even though you're perfectly capable of simple arithmetics.

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21. Experience brain ache when you realise that the clocks go back on different days in other countries.

22. Resolve to make a "fall back" note on next year's calendar, but get distracted by... other events of note.

23. On the occasion that you do remember to turn your clock back, smugly daydream about how snuggly the extra hour in bed is going to be.

24. But instead spend it lying there, wide awake, wondering what time it is.