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    16 Things That Might Surprise You About Wheelchair Basketball

    "There’s no 'standard' route into the sport."

    1. It was invented by soldiers more than 70 years ago.

    2. There's no "standard" route into the sport since nobody played it at school.

    3. And people have a variety of reasons for choosing to get involved.

    4. You don't need to be disabled to play.

    5. With a few small exceptions, the rules are the same as regular basketball.

    6. The baskets are the same height too.

    7. You can crash your wheelchair into someone else.

    8. Basketball wheelchairs are totally different from the ones people would use on the street.

    9. There's no need to get your own wheelchair to take part.

    10. There's one simple way they make the game fair, since some people have more restricted movement than others.

    11. It's incredibly athletic.

    12. In addition, the Paralympic teams train five times a week.

    13. The wheelchairs often tip over.

    14. It's a great sport to watch.

    15. It's OK to admit that racing around a sports hall in a wheelchair looks really fun.

    16. Team GB has a chance of picking up a medal.