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Tim Minchin Has Written A Song Calling On George Pell To Come Home To Face The Royal Commission

The musician made his feelings VERY clear.

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Musician Tim Minchin has released a song calling on Cardinal George Pell to return to Australia to face the royal commission into child sexual abuse.

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The provocative song, called Come Home (Cardinal Pell), refers to the former Archbishop of Melbourne as "scum" and a "coward"

Minchin wrote it after it was announced that Pell would not be able to fly to Australia to testify at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse due to a heart condition.

Pell will instead give his testimony via videolink from Rome, where he works as the secretariat of the Vatican's economy.

Ballarat is at the centre of sexual abuse allegations involving the Catholic church in Australia. Cardinal Pell was an assistant priest in Ballarat East from 1973 to 1983. Pell has strenuously denied any knowledge of the crimes committed at Ballarat during his time there.

The Project co-host, talkback radio host Steve Price, said the song was disgrace.

The Project

"I think it is disgusting the way he has resorted to personal abuse of Cardinal Pell. He's called him a coward, scum and a buffoon," Price said after the song was aired.

"Regardless of what you make of him, to write a song like that and use your talent the abuse someone from a distance I think is pathetic."

The crowdfunding project has so far raised $46,000 towards its $55,00 goal. It's not yet known when Pell will face the royal commission.