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    Apple Accidentally Released A Super Easy Way To Troll People

    Tim Cook, you monster.

    So you probably know that Apple released a new iOS this week with a bunch of cool features.

    But we've also just learned that the iPhone now offers a great chance to troll people.

    Just send your friends these instructions:

    1: Open iMessage.

    2: Hold your thumb on the camera icon on the left-hand side.

    3: When the icon expands, slide your thumb up to the camera icon.

    4: You're welcome.

    What your friend won't know, is that this will automatically send a selfie like this one to whoever you're messaging at the time.

    I tried it on my BuzzFeed colleagues and it worked a treat.

    Political reporter, Alex Lee

    Dean Nye, the social guy

    Life writer, Gyan Yankovich

    Staff Writer, Jemima Skelley

    Picture Editor, Anna Mendoza (I think she knew)

    Stephanie Anderson, who has heaps of friends.

    So, you know what to do.