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    This Fire Station Has Already Won International Women's Day

    On fire.

    This International Women's Day, one fire station in Newtown in Sydney's inner-west is celebrating the only way it knows how: With an awesome sign.

    The Newtown Fire Station has become known for it's great signs, whether it's celebrating Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras...

    ... Or writing poems about safe driving.

    Station Officer Matt Murphy told BuzzFeed News the signs are all about engaging with the community and having some fun.

    "I consider myself a feminist... So we put our heads together. It was a joint effort from my crew," he said.

    Murphy says the signs have become a cult hit with residents in the area, which gives him a chance to send out an important message.

    "We get great feedback. It’s not only to support causes like [International Women's Day], but also to bring attention to fire safety. Next week we’ll have a message up about fire safety and it might be a bit boring, but people will log onto the site to check out the signs and they get an important message," Murphy said.

    "It’s about reaching an audience. We want to bring people into our core business and demystifying the station. People come up to check out the signs and they come into the station to see how things work. They bring their kids and we give them a balloon. It’s great. We’re very open to talking to people."

    Newtown Fire Station, you are

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