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This Comedian Called A Woman A "Deadshit" After She Gave Him A Bad Review

The review called Lawrence Mooney "just a funny guy", and not a comedian.

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The Adelaide Fringe Festival, one of Australia's biggest open arts festivals began over the weekend. It's a big deal for comedians because it kicks off the year's festival circuit, and that means Fringe reviews matter more than most.

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So when veteran comedian Lawrence Mooney received a bad review, he wasn't happy about it.

The review, by Adelaide Advertiser journalist Isabella Fowler, said Mooney was "just a funny guy” and not much of a comedian

"While the man with a number of accolades under his belt has an undeniably natural demeanour and commanding stage presence, it seems Mooney's comedic philosophy revolves around the idea that inserting a booming profanity at the end of a frankly unfunny story automatically makes it funny," wrote Fowler.

Mooney, who also hosts Dirty Laundry Live on ABC TV, said the review was a "piece of shit" and asked whether Fowler is "deaf or an idiot".

He also called Fowler a "deadshit", a "nong" and a "knob".

i’ve had worse reviews from my mother *just about my haircut*, mooney.

comedy has the worst gender balance of men on stage & women in “supporting” (producing/admin/behind the scenes) roles of any industry i know

entitled deadshits like mooney raging against a young women learning to review is just the tip of the unfunny iceberg. don’t forget that.

Comic @lawrencemooney throws temper tantrum over @bellafowler93's review. Can't take critique? Don't invite critics.

Lawrence Mooney wants everybody to know that Australian comedy is a safe space for men and young women shouldn't criticise him.

I enjoy your work on Dirty Laundry, @lawrencemooney, but am incredibly disappointed in your abusive response to a lukewarm review. Not cool.

How to make hundreds more people read a bad review about your show that they wouldn't have noticed otherwise: The Lawrence Mooney story.

ugh another man reveals himself to be a pathetic sooking man baby @lawrencemooney get in the bin 🚮🚮🚮 #monday

While some Aussie comedians leapt to Mooney's defence.

@lawrencemooney fuck I love you ❤️❤️

@lawrencemooney @BellaFowler93 if this was a mills&boon, you'd end up focking! By the way, Lawrence is one of the funniest people ever.

@lawrencemooney @BellaFowler93 and also one of the quickest to ignite. That's what makes him dangerous. And beloved of comedy lovers.

Mooney told BuzzFeed News he had no regrets over the way he reacted.

When asked what it was about this review that made him so angry, Mooney said it was the "thesis" that he wasn't a true comedian.

"What made me angry was her contention that I'm not a comedian just a funny guy under a spotlight," he said. "I've had much more brutal reviews. The quaint difference between a comedian and a funny guy. I'll leave it there."

The ABC has declined to comment.