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    Everyone's Taking The Piss Out Of The New $5 Note


    The Reserve Bank has revealed Australia's new $5 note, and, well...

    The new design features the Prickly Moses wattle and the Eastern Spinebill, a native bird. They'll be introduced on September 1, which is National Wattle Day, apparently.

    The new designs also feature anti-counterfeit technology and a new 'tactile' feature to help vision impaired people. The colour, size and people featured on the note will all remain the same.

    It also looks like they've digitally altered the queen's face to make her look a little older.

    And already, people are taking the piss.

    I really feel like we missed a chance here

    Don’t know about these new $5 notes hey?

    The new $5 bill is covered in... E. coli bacteria?

    New $5 note looks like a bevy of bright yellow trilobites are crawling all over the Queen's face

    warning: specimen only. not intended as legal currency #specimen

    Australia's reaction to the new $5 note ...

    Do snapchat filters count as defacing currency?