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What's Your Conservative Politician Name?

It's like the porn star name game, but for huge nerds.

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It's well known that Britain's conservative politicians have some of the best names in the game, like Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Antoinette Sandbach, and of course, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (yes, that's real).

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And now Twitter user Alex Butterworth has come up with the perfect way to form your own Tory name.

Tory name = first name of a grandparent + the name of the first Street you lived on hyphenated with your 1st headteacher's surname.

The formula is simple: Choose the first name of one of your grandparents, then form a hyphenated surname from the first street you lived on and the name of your first school headmaster. The results are magical.

Can you beat Sylvia Dinghouse-Loftus? ^_^

@guttersmurf Alex Blythswood-Proctor. Nice.

@guttersmurf Margaret Camelot-Barton. AMAZING.

Some people did their homework.

.@guttersmurf I have literally dug out my birth and school records for this. Mavis Jägerstrasse-Thompson.

And others even gave themselves characters.

@guttersmurf @aoiph Eamon Finian-Loughnane: 19th Century Irish Catholic Unionist.

@guttersmurf @johneodonovan Ruby Lincoln-Lien. Definitely someone who works at the Foreign Office after a slight scandal at the Treasury.

@guttersmurf @aoiph Eamon Finian-Loughnane: 19th Century Irish Catholic Unionist.

You can actually hear these names calling for austerity and harkening back to the "good old days".

@guttersmurf Eveline Hinckley-Fosket! Haha

Florence Cowlishaw-Horsley. Oh dear god.

Audrey William-Hughes

Norman Summerhill-Jones

Some people pointed out that it doesn't really work if you're from an immigrant background.

and very fittingly, it doesn't work if you're ethnic or a migrant

This Doesn't Work If You're Ethnic

And a few people pointed out the potential security issues with the game.

Man if this isn't the most insidious bank security question farming operation I've ever seen...

This is definitely a way to guess your security questions.

So, don't give out your security details, but do let us know: What's your conservative politician name? Leave a comment in the comments section.