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    This Letter To A Fan Says Everything You Need To Know About Richie Benaud

    "You letter was timely..."

    Cricket legend Richie Benaud passed away early this morning, and an old letter he wrote to a fan is going viral on Twitter.

    Wrote to Richie Benaud when I was 16 about bowling leggies. His detailed reply says everything about the great man

    In 1996, a young fan wrote to Richie asking for spin bowling advice. Benaud's full response is below.

    "Dear Jonathon,

    Thank you for your letter about spin bowling and I have attached a sheet for left-handers. Your letter was timely because it was the first from a left-hander and it reminded me that there is a difference in coaching and not just in the fact that one youngster might bowl with the right hand and another with the left. The ball, although coming out of the hand in the same manner and going in the same direction towards the batsman, in fact spins differently for the two types of bowler.

    I hope you enjoy your cricket and your bowling. Yes, the left left-arm over-the-wrist bowler who spins the ball in to the right-hander from outside off-stump is said to have bowled a 'chinaman.' the same bowler who spins away from the right-hander has bowled a wrong'un.

    Best wishes,

    Yours sincerely

    Richie Benaud"

    Benaud then followed up with a full page of advice for left-handed bowlers. Because that's the sort of bloke he was.

    The young man Richie wrote to, Jonathan Stevenson, is now a sports journalist in the UK.

    #RIPRichie Benaud. Cricket will never be the same again

    RIP Richie