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    Is This Magazine Shoot A Sign Malcolm Turnbull Wants Tony Abbott's Job?

    Some say it's a conspiracy for the top job, but there's a catch.

    Malcolm Turnbull, Australia's fifth hottest politician, is looking very dapper accompanied by the headline "Primed Minister" on the cover of next month's GQ.

    GQ / Via

    The Communications Minister has given the magazine a lengthy interview for its "Power Edition", in which he reportedly discusses his childhood, his time as Opposition Leader and how he sees himself.

    Of course, Turnbull isn't the first Aussie politician to grace the cover of a magazine.

    Rolling Stone / Via

    And plenty of people like the look.

    Primed Minister? I think Malcolm Turnbull looks quite dapper on GQ cover, interesting detail in interview

    But some people, like The Australian, smell a rat.

    News Corp / Via

    The Australian reckons Malcolm Turnbull has "risked ridicule" with the "highly stylised shoot, sporting a sharp suit more likely to be seen on a fashion model than a politician."

    They even make fun of his "fancy pocket square."

    The paper says the photoshoot will do nothing to dispel rumours about Turnbull's aspirations for Prime Minister Tony Abbott's job.

    But there's one small problem with the theory

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    The photos of Turnbull looking all debonair with his "fancy pocket square" are recycled from this 2013 GQ shoot.

    And News Corp is reporting that the interview was conducted before February's attempted leadership spill.

    So let's just enjoy the photos of the Minister for Hotness looking as dapper as all get out

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

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