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People Are Furious And/Or Laughing About Karl Stefanovic's LGBT Award Nomination

Sorry, not sorry.

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You might remember that back in July, Karl Stefanovic got in a spot of bother for using anti-trans slurs during a live broadcast of Today.

The next day, Stefanovic gave a very touching apology, admitting that he'd been a complete tool who didn't realise the effect his words would have.

"As we all know I can be a complete tool. Yesterday, I was worse, an ignorant tool." - @KarlStefanovic #9Today

But little did we know at the time, Stefanovic's apology had the potential to be award-winning. On Monday it was announced the Today host is up for an Honour Award.

I am absolutely not joking about Karl Stefanovic's nomination for an LGBTI media award for making an apology

The Honour Awards are an annual event designed to congratulate workers in the LGBT community who have contributed to LGBT advancement. There are categories for business, community, the arts, health, and media.

Stefanovic has been nominated alongside several LGBT journalists who have reported on everything from anti-gay crimes to transgender issues and their own deeply personal experiences of bullying.

Stefanovic was nominated not only for his apology, but also for a 60 Minutes piece about transgender kids in Australia.

And the reactions were mixed.

While some people thought it was funny.

Keen to find the man who pushed in front of me on the bus before apologizing to me (a known queer) so he can get recognised for his efforts

I have apologised for fucking up so many times. Where are my awards?

I'm a bit resentful that Stefanovic gets nominated for an award for his apology. As I consider my whole life an apology, really.

There were calls for an awards night dedicated to apologies: The ApoLogies.

not only is he nominated, Karl Stefanovic is the headline on the media release

A lot of people felt Stefanovic shouldn't be rewarded for fixing up an error that should never have been made in the first place.

"groundbreaking apology" as in break the ground and bury me i am dead this is rock bottom

Offends many people, is nominated for an award for saying sorry. Remarkable.

karl stefanovic: *appears on screen* people: THE LEGEND! THE ALLY! *pushes scores of women and lgbti+ people out of way* WE MUST PRAISE HIM

And people were looking forward to Stefanovic's inevitable apology for being nominated for his apology.

If Karl Stefanovic apologises for his award nomination it will be the world's greatest hoopsnake.

If Karl Stefanovic was legit he'd say thanks to the organisers & refuse the nomination. You shouldn't get a prize for correcting a mistake.

How good is it gonna be when Karl Stefanovic apologises to the queer community for his nomination? Very good, actually.

On its Facebook page, ACON addressed the concerns, saying Stefanovic's apology was a huge moment in mainstream media.

"Whilst Karl did make a huge and hurtful mistake in the comments he made, his immediate act of contrition and acknowledgment that his words did hurt trans people was very commendable," ACON said.

"The genuineness of his apology had far-reaching implications and given the platform it was delivered, highlighted the importance of inclusion of everyone in our community to a very wide audience.

"Karl not only sincerely apologised for the offence he had caused but also vowed to educate himself about the issues facing the LGBTQI community and their families."

In a statement, ACON explained the decision further.

"The final decision on finalists and award recipients is not made by ACON. The Honour Awards are judged by a range of community members, leaders and award partners."

"Admission of mistakes and the harm words and actions can cause is an honourable act. Publicly admitting your ignorance and seeking out more information sets a good example and can serve as a means to educate others who make similarly hurtful remarks."

"Whilst Mr Stefanovic did make a huge and hurtful mistake in the comments he made, his immediate act of contrition and acknowledgment that his words did hurt trans people was very commendable."

"We acknowledge that not everyone in the community will agree with him being nominated as a finalist in the Honour Awards, but there is an important principle in doing so."

"The significant attention given to his apology also delivered a unique and high profile platform for encouraging Australians to improve their attitudes to LGBTI people."