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10 Things Gary Johns Has Said About Poor People Having Babies

He's one of the PM's top advisers on communities and vulnerable people.

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Gary Johns is an advisor to the Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership which deals with communities and vulnerable people.

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He's also a former minister in the Keating Labor government and is currently a columnist for The Australian.

In recent months Mr Johns has had some interesting things to say when it comes to people on welfare, and whether should be able to do regular people things like, y'know, breed.

This morning's column once again drew the ire of social media when it returned to Mr Johns' favourite theme.

This was in reference to one of the stars of SBS's controversial series, Struggle Street.


But this isn't Gary Johns' first rodeo. In January he wrote another piece for The Australian under the title, "Be productive, then procreate." In it, he said:

5. "The working class, by and large, waits until they can afford to have children. The non-working class may not. The best way to have the non-working class mimic the working class is to have them practice contraception."


6. "It may be a human right to procreate, but it also a glorious inanity in the context of what to do about those who have children on a public benefit. It is not a human right to raise a family at someone else’s expense."

But all of this comes after Johns' pièce de résistance, this December 30, 2014 piece, "No contraception, no dole." The opening line...


10. "Some families, some communities, some cultures breed strife. Governments cannot always fix it. Compulsory contraception for those on benefits would help crack intergenerational reproduction of strife."

The Prime Minister's office has been contacted for comment.