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Police Found A Stoner's To-Do List During A Raid And It's Perfect

Get a stick, chop it up, get stoned.

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Things to do Saturday:

1. Get up get ready

2. Get bus fare

3. Go to bus stop

4. Get 513 to [redacted]

5. Go get lunch (chips and gravy)

[Editor's note: How good are chips and gravy?]

6. Go KMart and shopp[sic]

7. Go bus stop

8. Go [redacted] and dye hair

9. Go home and get a stick

10. Chop up and get stoned

The note was found during a raid on a home near Perth in which police were searching for evidence connected to a burglary, Fairfax reports.

Murdoch Police tweeted out the "hectic" note on Thursday.

Are ur Saturdays hectic like this!!! To do list located at search warrant in Cooby. #MurdochLPT3