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11 Other Situations Where It Helps To Think About Chris Pyne

He's a fixer.

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Education Minister Christopher Pyne had his crowning glory last night, when Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore admitted she thought of him during childbirth.

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Bickmore admitted that Pyne's infamous "I'm a fixer" interview made her laugh so much, that she used it as a distraction when giving birth to her daughter Evie.

"I thought of you as my baby was crowning," she told a bemused Pyne.

"You're not the first person that's said that — kind of weird actually," the Education Minister responded.

But there are heaps of times when it's really useful to think about Chris Pyne.

1. To distract from the pain of childbirth, obviously.

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2. When you’re approaching climax and you need to think of something unsexy.

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3. When you're at the dentist.

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4. When you need to run like a gazelle to avoid accepting the "tainted vote" of a disgraced Labor MP.

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5. When you can't sleep so you count Chris Pynes.

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6. When you need to fix something.

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7. When you bang your knee and you need to forget the pain.

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8. When you’re watching a scary movie and you need something to distract you.

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9. When you're getting a needle.

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10. When you’ve spent a year trying to legislate tertiary education reform and the Senate keeps blocking your bills.

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11. And when 39 of your own MPs vote against you in a leadership spill motion and you need to remember that things could be worse.

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