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    Children "Don't Want To Return To School" After Much-Loved Teacher's Death

    Local grief turns to anger.

    Following the discovery of Stephanie Scott's charred remains in country NSW late on Friday, police hope a post-mortem will reveal exactly how the much-loved Leeton teacher died.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: valestephaniescott

    But as investigators search for answers, locals say their grief is turning to anger. Leeton residents have taken to various local social media pages to voice their fury at Stephanie's accused killer, Vincent Stanford.

    “My daughter lost her favourite teacher and she will never be the same ... Justice for Stephanie, her fiance and family will be served!”, reads one post on the Leeton News Facebook page.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: valestephaniescott

    "She was not yours to take", another post reads. "You rob communities of safe, secure and happy environments. We have to continually warn our innocent children and family members."

    The Australian reports some children don't want to return to school in the knowledge that it was the last place their favourite teacher was seen alive.

    Stanford's family is said to be holed up in a local motel as they reportedly help police with the investigation. The accused killer is reportedly refusing to co-operate with police.

    David Moir / AAPIMAGE

    24-year-old Stanford, a cleaner at the school where Stephanie worked, was arrested and charged with murder last Wednesday.

    Since the arrest, the town of Leeton has come together to mourn Stephanie, who was due to be married on the weekend.

    Marie Raccanello / AAPIMAGE

    Stephanie's fiancé, Aaron Leeson-Woolle screamed in pain yesterday as he released yellow balloons in honour of his bride-to-be.

    Marie Raccanello / AAPIMAGE

    On what would have been her wedding day, thousands of Australians honoured Stephanie using the hashtag #putyourdressout

    Such a tragedy #putyourdressout #rememberstephanie @fitzyandwippa @ChrissieSwan

    Thinking of Stephanie Scott and her family and friends on this sad day #putyourdressout

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