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Bali Nine Ringleaders Told They Have 72 Hours Before Execution

Indonesian authorities have reportedly given official notice.

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Australian Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have reportedly been given 72 hours notice of their executions.

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Indonesian authorities have told the two men that they have 72 hours before they could face the firing squad, News Corp Australia reports.

“We will give the notification today, but it doesn’t mean the execution will be within three days." said Tony Spontana, the spokesman for Attorney-General HM Prasetyo.

“It could be more than three days.”

After several failed appeals, the two had hoped a final plea to Indonesia's constitutional court would save them.

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It became increasingly likely in recent days that the men's time was running out.

On Friday, representatives from the Australian embassy, along with embassies representing eight other internationals on death row in Indonesia, were called to Cilacap, near Indonesia's "Death Island." A sure sign that the executions were imminent.

Indonesian authorities have repeatedly said that all avenues for appeal had been exhausted, but lawyers for the pair still held hope.

The men may live longer than 72 hours

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The condemned drug smugglers' only hope now is an appeal by a Frenchman also on death row to Indonesia's Administrative Court.

Authorities will delay the executions until the appeal is finalised, Fairfax reports. But even this is likely to only delay the inevitable.

Earlier today, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told reporters she "fears the worst," for the two Australians.

"I fear that Indonesia will seek to proceed with the execution of the two Australian citizens," She told reporters in Brussels, where she was attending Anzac centenary commemorations.

"I am deeply and profoundly concerned by this."

Chan and Sukumaran are on death row for their role as ringleaders of a drug syndicate which attempted to smuggle 8.3kg of heroin into Australia in 2005.

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The pair were sentenced to death in 2006, while their seven co-conspirators were all sentenced to life in prison.