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    2 Oct 2015

    Australia Is About To Turn Its Gloriousness Levels Up To 11

    Glory levels up to 11.

    Australia, strap yourselves in, this weekend is going to be 😘👌

    Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

    1. Just have a look at these weather forecasts.

    (Sorry Tassie, your weather sucks)

    2. Which is good because most of us (Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT) get a long weekend.

    3. So you'll need to spend some time at the beach.

    Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

    4. But make sure you're home in time to watch the Hawks and the Eagles in the AFL Grand Final on Saturday.

    Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

    5. You'll probably want to (responsibly) have a few beers.


    6. Don't party too hard though. You'll need to get up on Sunday morning to watch the Wallabies destroy England.

    Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

    7. Oh, and the races are on.

    Vince Caligiuri / Getty Images

    8. Not big on sport? Why not go for a nice walk?

    9. If you're in Adelaide you can head to the Oz Asia festival.

    10. Don't forget the all-Queensland NRL Grand Final on Sunday evening.

    David Moir / AAPIMAGE

    11. Oh it's Monday now? Back to the beach.

    Don Arnold / Getty Images

    12. Or you could head to the pool instead. / Via Creative Commons

    13. And then when it's all said and done, wind down with a glass of wine.

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