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    15 Pizzas That Get Where You're At Emotionally

    You've had a rough day at work, and this glorious combination of cheese, sauce, and crust is here to comfort you. Not that food should ever be used as an emotional crutch, but mamma mia!

    1. This piece of pizza knows that you not only need a piece of pizza, but you also need a sandwich. A pizza sandwich. Filled with meats. Several meats.

    2. This Thai chicken pizza knows that you need to get away and experience something new and exotic, but still cheesy and crusty and comforting.

    3. This half-and-half pizza totally gets that you aren't in an emotional state to make a decision right now and you just need choices, OK?!

    4. This chocolate chip cookie pizza understands that sometimes you need pizza and you need dessert and you need them AT THE SAME TIME.

    5. This cavolfiori pizza with cauliflower purée, meyer lemons, roasted caulifower, and breadcrumbs knows that right now, you need to feel the fanciest.

    6. This cheesy beef Poutine pizza knows that NOTHING is OK and you just need to be ALONE for a while.

    7. This homemade French bread pizza knows that you are feeling a little creative and ambitious... and that the delivery guy with the judge-y face totally knows your name by now.

    8. This roasted pumpkin pizza with fresh arugula understands that you're trying to make healthier choices for a healthier you... but that, let's be honest, you need your pizza.

    9. This giant pizza knows that no amount of pizza can make you feel better right now. But it will certainly try.

    10. This pizza is like, "Vegetables are great for you! You're making a responsible choice!"

    11. This pizza is like, "What are vegetables? You're fineeee."

    12. This pizza knows that you need some love.

    13. This montanara pizza has a deep-fried crust, so it knows you to the depths of your soul like no one else in the world knows you.

    14. This pizza has eggs on it because it knows that no matter the time of day nor the meal you're "supposed" to be having, pizza needs to be there for you.

    15. These pizza donuts that have pizza inside of them and on top of them know that you just DON'T CARE ANYMORE!!!!