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32 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Loved "Stranger Things 2"

Disclaimer: this post is 90% Steve Harrington and Bob, because nothing else matters.

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1. When Steve's transition was perfectly summed up:

2. The original Nougat Bae:

3. This incredible bit of advertising:

4. This deleted scene from the end of the season:

Lucasfilm / Via

5. When it was November 8:

Netflix / Via

6. This reminder that even your faves are flawed:

Netflix / Via

7. The secret to Steve's success:

8. This sport that's taking over the nation:

9. When Netflix spoke directly to our soul:

10. This handy self-diagnosis tool:

For the record, I'm comfortably a seven.

For the record, I'm comfortably a seven.

11. When we first saw Steve's paternal side:

12. Which progressed significantly through the season:

the moms of stranger things season 2

13. When bridges were built:

14. This very important character poll:

Who was your favorite new @Stranger_Things character? #StrangerThings2

15. This concerning discovery:

16. This fight that was only ever going to go one way:

17. The meme that sums up Mike in Season 2, but also 98% of teenage boys:

18. Netflix's Twitter bio that makes a LOT more sense now that the season's over:

19. But even that's got nothing on their Instagram:

20. When Mr Wheeler clearly had no idea how far Mike would go for his friends:

Netflix / Via

21. This movie that deserves to be made while we're waiting for Season 3:

Babysitter Steve is the best Steve

22. This pumpkin that we wouldn't be able to run away from fast enough:

23. This spooky outtake:

24. All of us, forever:

everyone after stranger things season 2

25. When Millie was reprimanded for her language:

Quite right too.
Netflix / Via

Quite right too.

26. The time Steve was definitely a cool mom:

27. And talking of Mean Girls...:

Netflix / Via

28. When the world wanted in on their new mom's secret:

29. This sneak peak of the final scene of Season 3:

Netflix / Via

30. But it's not all about Steve:

31. When life gets you down, just think..."What would Bob do?":

Netflix / Fox / Via

32. And if it's STILL getting you down. Well, there's only one thing for it...

Netflix / Via

The good news? There are going to be at least four seasons. The bad news? It's quite possible you'll have to wait until early 2019 for the next one...