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    World's Coolest Firefighter Brings Tiny Kitten Back To Life

    If you ever need a kitten to be brought back from the dead, just call Cory Kalanick.

    Everyone say hello to Fresno firefighter Cory Kalanick. He brings kittens back to life.

    Cory likes to wear a camera on his head, which comes in handy when we want to tell you about his kitten-saving exploits.

    When looking for salvage in a burnt out Fresno home, Cory spotted the tiny lifeless kitten on the floor.

    Laying it in on a glove to protect it from the hot tarmac, he gave the kitten oxygen and cooled it down with water.

    After 15 minutes the kitten finally started to show signs of life!

    The kitten - now nicknamed Lucky - was quick to thank Cory for his efforts.

    And he was so happy to be back in the land of the living that he did a cute tiny kitten dance.

    But then he realised he was on TV so tried to act cool.

    Great work, Cory!