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18 Wonderfully Weird Things That Happened On The London Underground In 2013

Stopping at all stations via "WTF?!".

1. The pandas invaded.

2. This guy let it all out on the Bakerloo line.

3. The word's oldest hipster read his paper.

4. This sign appeared.

5. As did this one.

6. Mile End station went all American teen movie.

7. 2013 was also the year of the fake TfL sign.

8. "This is a Piccadilly line service to Antarctica".

9. Of course there were the obligatory quotes of the day.

10. From the sublime.

11. To the sublimer.

12. Someone shared a little too much.

13. While others got sick and tired of not getting a seat.

14. And why stop with chairs?

15. There was a glitch in the matrix.

16. The London to Rio line was launched.

17. The Jubilee line was the place to be.

18. And this guy took a picture of some shoes.