22 Ways Not To Celebrate Passing Your Exams

You’ve got at least three years of uni to make a fool of yourself. You don’t need to start tonight.

You did it! Two years’ hard work has paid off. A Level results are in and somehow you passed.

First you try endlessly to nail the perfect ‘take a photo while jumping into the air with excitement’ shot.

Then it’s off to the pub. Yes, you deserve to let your hair down, but here are a few pitfalls that are best avoided.

1. First things first. Don’t call a horse gay.

2. Dancing anywhere but at ground level is not advised.

3. Keep hold of your drinks at all times.

4. And always remember how gravity works.

5. Don’t try to jump into a swimming pool that’s covered in ice.

6. Don’t trust anyone who’s holding a felt tip.

7. Especially if they have a good imagination.

8. Ovens should only be used for cooking celebratory snacks.

9. Stages are to be avoided at all costs.

11. Because you’ll come down to earth with a bump.

12. When saying “cheers”, do so with restraint.

13. Practice your “I GOT INTO UNI” face.

14. Don’t pass out, enabling your “friends” to play human Buckaroo.

16. Under no circumstances should you slide down a bannister.

17. If you start to feel ropey, make sure there are people looking after you.

18. If possible, make sure they’re people you can trust.

19. Dancing on sinks won’t end well for anyone.

20. When getting into your house, stick to doors if at all possible.

21. Cameras are best avoided.

22. And finally, even if you got straight As, surfing off a roof is never the answer.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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