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The 31 Most Pleasurable Things That Have Ever Happened

Just a small reminder that life is occasionally beautiful. Via /r/oddlysatisfying.

1. When these pancakes were even smoother than you.

2. The boxes that were made for this truck.

3. This supermarket aisle before the doors were opened.

4. How this box fits inside that box.

5. The prettiest junction in the world.

6. These hangers that are better together.

7. When the dinner lady was a Tetris champ.

8. This shelf that makes everything better.

9. February 2015.

10. This glass that holds EXACTLY one can of Coke.

11. How these sweets are aligned.

12. This snake.

13. This moment of symmetry in an otherwise chaotic universe.

14. This magical ramp/step mash-up.

15. When someone took the time to make this happen.

16. The sexiest chair stack you've ever seen.

17. When this bread found its soulmate, and it was called "cheese".

18. The perfect spoonful of peanut butter that will make you feel things you've never felt before.

19. These trees that are like a beautiful glitch in the matrix.

20. The perfect tie knot.

21. The time that gum revealed itself to be infinite.

22. The walking stick who found his home.

23. The time this person won their wrap battle hands down.

24. Although this guy put up a brave fight.

25. The time it was obvious that everything happens for a reason.

26. This one in a million shot (OK, so we haven't done the maths).

27. The bed to end all beds.

28. When this paint came off all at once and life got that little bit better.

29. When you realised unused toothpaste is as good as it gets.

30. This rainbow of satisfaction.

31. And the time this person had the most fun anyone's ever had while cleaning.