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23 Times The Universe Was Too Beautiful For It All To Be A Coincidence

Explain your way out of this one, Richard Dawkins.

1. This cinnamon roll that looks like ET just took a football to the groin.

2. The way this photographer's shadow looks just like a Labrador.

3. This wonderfully apt treble clef.

4. This seal that looks exactly like a sweet potato.

5. This lens flare that looks like Eric Cartman.

6. And this one, which looks like the deadliest weapon the galaxy has ever seen.

7. This stain on a table that looks like a thoughtful doggo.

8. This gate that is so much more than just a gate.

9. The gap in these rocks that looks more like a cat than a lot of cats.

10. The wasps' nest that makes it look like this statue is wearing a turban.

11. This potato who knows it's a trap.

12. This pepper that is pissed off with the world.

13. Han Solo's greatest enemy: Ham Solo.

14. This undercover duck.

15. This cracked phone that proves the creator is a 13-year-old boy.

16. How the light falling on this car makes it look like a UFO hovering over a creepy forest.

17. This cat's bum that is actually a panda.

18. This red cabbage that is hiding the creepiest hallway you've ever seen.

19. This bacon that makes you question what animal it actually came from.

20. Not to be outdone, this bacon that is actually a load of very cute penguins huddling together to stay warm.

21. This woman's hair that makes it look like Chewbacca is pissed off.

22. The iceberg Gotham deserves.

23. And, of course, the most American thing that's ever happened.

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