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28 Times Charlie Brooker Perfectly Explained Modern Life

And you thought you were miserable.

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1. On female bishops.

2. On how TV works.

3. On society's fascination with the royals.

4. On Fox News.


5. On local news.

6. On advertising.

7. On humanity.

8. On national pride.


9. On infanticide.

10. On Bieber.

11. On the media's representation of Muslims.

12. On David Cameron.


13. On Russia.

14. And Russia's definitely straight leader.

15. On the Catholic church.

16. On political slogans.


17. On everything.

18. On the guy who claimed to be the second coming.

19. On privilege.

20. On aging.


21. On the futility of existence.

22. On your mum.

23. On gun laws.

24. On Top Gear.


25. On happiness.

26. On censorship.

27. On Twitter.

28. On spotting bad guys.