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    This Super-Fast Tetris Game Will Hurt Your Brain

    Tetris player 'Keroco' pulls off one of the greatest ever gaming achievements.

    This is what is known as a line race. Basically, you clear 40 lines in Tetris as quickly as you can.

    You can't really tell what's going on, right? Well if you look at the time you'll notice these GIFs are playing in real time.

    Just a few years ago 40 seconds was classed as a very good time. 'Keroco' managed to halve that.

    Tetris champ Ben Mullen said: "Let me humbly submit that this may be the greatest achievement in the history of gaming."

    So yeah, Tetris, you're damn right it's 'EXCELLENT!'

    And if you can somehow work out what's going on, it gets even more impressive when you watch the video in full.

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