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    This Is What Happens When English People Try To Draw Wales

    We're sorry, Cymru. But it probably says more about our artistic talents than anything else...

    If at first you don't succeed, cross it out and fail again.

    One thing most people seemed to know was that Wales has one or two hills.

    Then, of course, there was the inevitable Game of Thrones reference.

    Little known fact: Wales has the coolest bridges of anywhere in the world.

    Ignoring the fact that they think the north coast joins England in Cumbria, this person pretty much nailed it.

    a) That's the Isle of Man, b) Barry Island is on the south cost, and c) It's not an island.

    If you don't say much you can't get too much wrong. This person managed to disprove that theory.

    The correct spelling of Aberwysthzcyntz137 is tricky, but this person wasn't fazed.

    This person probably has lots of other things they're really good at...

    Wales does not accept your apology.

    A certain Timelord got mentioned once or twice.

    This effort, by a visiting American, was actually one of the most accurate.

    Top tip: If you don't really know what you're doing, draw a happy fish and no one can get mad at you.

    There is a SLIGHT chance that this person is from the Northwest Wales border.

    Adding "this is not to scale" is a great way of excusing yourself for getting everything wrong.

    Sadly the person who drew this may never hear from her dad again. :(

    This person didn't really know their stwff.

    If in doubt, just label the shit out of it.

    This person clearly went to the American midwest school of drawing borders.

    Shit. Please don't leave us, Wales. We promise we'll try harder.