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16 Amazing Details You Might Have Missed In The Final Season Of "Breaking Bad"

Good job the internet is there to spot them for you.

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1. The return of the pink teddy.

After Hank stops Jesse from burning down the Whites' house, you can just about spot the pink teddy from earlier seasons in the tree.


4. Saul's less-than-original fashion statement.

Is this the last Scarface reference we'll see before the season is out? The giant gun in future Walt's car suggests perhaps not.

6. And I swear I've seen that cactus before.

10. Jesse and his various chauffeurs.

12. This unconventional swimming pool.

The swimming pool from Season 5, Episode 12 has a bit of an 'industrial meth lab' look to it.

14. This intentional positioning of the chess pieces.

According to the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast, this shot from Episode 14 was set up so that the white king was just a few moves from checkmate.

16. And for those of you who are skeptical about whether these things mean anything or are just coincidences...

See Saul's numberplate from Season 5, Episode 11? It usually says LWYRUP, but with Walt blocking the L it spells WYRUP. WYRUP = Wire Up. Suggesting someone was about to start working with the DEA.