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    19 Things You'll Remember If You Went To Leeds Uni In The '00s

    For all those people who remember Creation, but wish they didn't.

    1. Telling your mum you'd spent the whole night in the library without having to lie to her.

    Google Streetview

    Pound a pint on a Monday night. 🍺💸🍺💸🍺💸🍺💸🍺

    2. And after stumbling out of The Library you'd cross the road to get a £1 slice of pizza from Luckys to keep you going.

    Google Streetview.

    3. Before heading off to Halo, where it never stopped being weird that there were actual tombs and graves littered around the room.

    4. Then on Tuesday nights you could do the whole pound a pint thing all over again. This time in the Dry Dock.


    A bar in a boat. Beer that costs a pound. If it wasn't so close to Leeds Met it would have been the perfect bar. (ONLY JOKING MET ALUMNI WE LOVE YOU REALLY.)

    5. Spending too much time in The Cockpit.

    Can't believe how sad I am that I'll never have to queue under that disgusting leaky bridge for a gig again </3 #CockpitMemories

    Panic! On a Wednesday night...they sold poppers behind the bar #cockpitmemories

    I have no memories of the Cockpit. That's how ace it was #cockpitmemories

    6. At a time when Leeds (or at least Yorkshire) was the focal point of the indie scene.

    CC / Via Flickr: drgillybean

    The Cribs, the Kaiser Chiefs, ¡Forward, Russia!, The Pigeon Detectives, The Sunshine Underground, Hadouken!, and many, many more bands came out of the city (or surrounding areas) during the '00s. Then, of course, there were the little-known Arctic Monkeys from just down the road in Sheffield.

    7. Although there were fewer places for bands to play, because what's now the O2 Academy was Creation. *shudders*

    Google Streetview

    So. Many. Terrible. Memories. These kids today don't know how good they have it!

    8. So the biggest venue in town was the uni refectory.


    These days Leeds has an actual arena!

    9. But what the city doesn't have any more is Bondi's infamous revolving dancefloor!

    Lowri Jones / Facebook

    For just £10 you could drink as much as your body could handle (or more) and jump on board a rotating dancefloor. Sounds like a bad idea, right? Yep. It really was.

    Bring back bondi leeds city council! That rotating dance floor shit hole was a right of passage.

    10. Getting lost in Oceana.

    Via Twitter: @ChantelleLight

    One minute you were in a giant ballroom, the next an Alpine ski chalet. And the less said about the room with all the four-poster beds the better. Oceana is another in the long line of '00s venues that no longer exist.

    11. And, for some unknown reason, being excited when Gatecrasher opened.

    Robin Edds / Facebook

    Both Gatecrasher and Oceana opened at the start of the 2005 academic year, giving students a different (by which I mean depressingly similar) experience to the Tiger Tigers and Bar Risas they were previously used to.

    12. Making the terrible decision to go to Evo on a Saturday night.


    Any club that put on its own shuttle bus to get there because it was so far out of the way was never going to be a good idea. As horrific as it may have looked at night, there was no more depressing sight than Evolution during daylight hours...

    Google Streetview

    13. Making the surprisingly long trek out to Bodington Hall.

    CC / Via

    Leeds Uni's largest halls of residence closed its doors in 2013, but for its tens of thousands of former residents Bodington will always bring back fond memories. Not least because of...

    14. The Bod Bar!

    Alice Turner / BuzzFeed

    Being home to around 1,200 students, Bodington of course needed its own bar. And what a bar. Just look at the textured wallpaper and stylish blue sofas. Snakebite and black has never tasted so good. RIP Bodington.

    Bod bar is the place to be #lovinlife !!!

    15. And of course you couldn't have got there without everyone's favourite bus...the 95!


    Going from the town centre to Bodington Hall, everyone who lived in Headingley or beyond became very familiar with the number 95. So many songs. So much vomit. They really were the days of our lives. Or something.

    Sure there were pretenders. The 96. The 1. Even the 28. But there was only one 95. With the closure of Bodington the 95 also ceased to exist. Is nothing sacred?!

    16. Going to Lotherton Hall for the LUU Summer Ball.


    These days the Summer Ball is held on campus. Sounds, errr, fun...

    17. But of course when it came to campus, there was only one place to be.

    Oh, Fruity. What fun we had. Drinking pints of Woodpecker out of luminous plastic pint glasses while people inexplicably queued up to dance on the stage. Fridays have never quite been the same since.

    18. And finally, no Leeds Uni experience was complete without stumbling along the Otley Run at least once every couple of weeks.

    Via Twitter: @strawbsbar

    Eighteen pubs. Eighteen drinks. No memories. Plenty of regrets. Whether it was to get to know your flatmates in first-year Freshers' Week or showing it off to your friends from home when they came to visit, if you went to uni in Leeds there's a good chance that some of your happiest times happened on this small stretch of Otley Road.

    Even today you can't sit in The Oak on a Saturday afternoon without seeing huge groups of bafflingly young people trying (and probably failing) to conquer the nation's finest pub crawl.

    19. And of course no Otley Run was complete without dressing up like a bunch of bellends.

    Robin Edds / Facebook

    Not us though. We looked fucking incredible.

    3 Showers later, the pen is still visible #otleyrunproblems

    Now, apropos of nothing, here's a reminder of how grim Roger Stevens was.

    Via Flickr: french-disko

    Thank you, Leeds. It sure was an experience.

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