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41 Curious Things You See On The Tube

Please mind the gap. And the mob of pandas.

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20. Really bendy girls.

jodieduffell / Via

22. Germophobia.

cleeeo / Via

24. People who are sick of not getting a seat.

ymajayne / Via

25. This guy taking artsy photos of some converse.

26. Twins wearing the same clothes.

peopleontheunderground / Via

27. This guy wearing no clothes.

peopleontheunderground / Via

28. Pandas.

peopleontheunderground / Via

29. Go home seats, you're drunk.

peopleontheunderground / Via

30. This bunch of superheroes.

rachelava / Via

32. Unconventional tube maps.

peopleonthetube / Via

33. This is not the Northern Line branch you are looking for.

34. A woman dressed like an Oyster Card.

35. Things that inexplicably make you smile.

41. And of course... a nearly naked guy with a four pack of lager and a snake.


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