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    18 Things (And 3 Penises) You Can Draw While Running

    Whether you're running, walking, or cycling, ALWAYS draw a penis.

    1. A space invader.

    2. The Batman logo.

    3. A surfer.

    4. Your feelings on exercise.

    5. Your desires.

    6. A panda.

    7. A shark.

    8. A badass lion.

    9. A guy on a motorbike.

    10. The distance you ran (or at least this distance you want people to think you ran).

    11. This.

    12. Two people dancing.

    13. A call for peace.

    14. An elephant.

    15. A much more impressive elephant.

    16. A piranha.

    17. A suspicious dog.

    18. A duck.

    19. And, of course, a penis.

    20. Any run is significantly improved if it's in the shape of a penis.

    21. Remember, it's important that you do a few laps of the penis so as to consolidate its shape.