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    22 Things That Can Easily Ruin Any Man's Day

    Peeing and shaving are harder than you might think.

    1. Bus erections.

    2. Missing a patch when shaving.

    3. Cutting yourself shaving JUST before you need to leave the house and it won't stop bleeding.

    4. Or just not being able to grow a beard in the first place.

    5. Noticing your fly is open at the end of the day.

    6. Finding a random, inexplicably long nose hair.

    7. Being totally incapable of wearing smart clothes without getting food all over them within five minutes.

    8. Going into a public toilet and having to use a urinal that is inbetween two other people.

    9. When the only pair of shoes you own finally have to be thrown away.

    10. When you wash your hands but the tap is super powerful and you get water all over your crotch so people think you've pissed yourself.

    11. When you go swimming but realise that your white shorts are a little more see-through than you'd hoped.

    12. Assuming clothes will fit rather than try them on because you hate shopping and want to go home, only to find they don't fit.

    13. Talking to a friend but then realising you're both walking towards the toilet so before you know it you're talking whilst holding your respective penises.

    14. When you go to hug a mate but he goes for a handshake and it's ALL KINDS OF AWKWARD.

    15. When your voice cracks like a 12-year-old boy.

    16. Thinking you've finished peeing, putting it away, then realising you hadn't quite finished.

    17. Meeting the guys only to find that you all have a very similar dress sense.

    18. Making eye contact with another man whilst being dragged around a lingerie store.

    19. Trying to be a gentleman by giving up your seat on the train to a woman, but being a little annoyed because you were super tired after a really long day.

    20. Shaving, and then looking in the mirror to see a teenager looking back at you.

    21. When you realise you're walking behind a girl at night and you're convinced she thinks you're going to attack her even though you're really quite nice.

    22. And finally, getting hit in the testicles.