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    22 Things Secondary School Kids Today Will Never Understand

    RIP Turkey Twizzlers.

    1. Making every piece of work you ever did look like a masterpiece with a WordArt header.


    2. Playing this every time the IT teacher would look away and thinking it was the greatest game in the world.

    3. How your teacher would write on an actual blackboard.

    Guidovrola / Getty Images

    4. Taking the ball out of your mouse and playing with it.

    5. Keeping all your work on one of these with your name on the front because there was no network.

    Via Candace Hartley / Shutterstock

    6. Being able to eat these for lunch, before Jamie Oliver ruined your fun.

    7. And, of course, Turkey Twizzlers.

    David Marsden / Getty Images

    RIP 💔

    8. And vending machines would have actually tasty food in them.

    9. Facebook not even existing.

    10. But your friends would get angry at you when you bumped them out of your MySpace top eight.

    MySpace / Via

    11. Spending every evening on MSN Messenger.

    12. And being anything but smooth.


    13. Only using your phone to play snake (because that's pretty much all it could do).

    14. Well, that and copying ringtones from your friends.

    15. Having to write an essay without the help of Wikipedia.

    16. But at least your had this...

    17. Giving presentations on this, long before PowerPoint was a thing.

    18. Spending your lunchtimes battling over Pogs.

    19. Or Crazy Bones.

    20. Or, if you were desperate, Tazos.

    Found a load of TAZOs... now that was a cool @walkers_crisps promotion!

    Katharine Robinson@TheSourceressFollow

    Found a load of TAZOs... now that was a cool @walkers_crisps promotion!

    1:54 PM - 21 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    21. When the teacher would make you watch a documentary that they'd taped at home, and half way through it would cut to Bargain Hunt.

    John Rattle / Getty Images

    22. Having one computer room that still had BBC computers. Or knowing what a BBC computer even was, for that matter.

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