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    23 Things Only People Who Grew Up On A Small Island Will Understand

    If you can walk around your island in under a day, this is for you.

    1. When the internet lets you down.

    2. Not to mention the phone network.

    3. :(

    Turn on 4G and I'm not even getting 3G #iowproblems

    4. Narrowly missing your only means of escape.

    5. Or the elements getting in your way.

    6. Though sometimes the boat will go regardless which doesn't end well.

    7. You get so used to your tiny world, any journey longer than 20 minutes feels like an unnecessary amount of effort.

    8. The endless feeling of isolation.

    9. Or feeling like you don't fit into a category.

    10. The excitement you feel about things that "mainlanders" take for granted.

    11. And the general confusion that life off the island can cause.

    12. Missing out on opportunities because there's a shitload of water in the way.

    13. Seagulls.

    14. Dating is pretty much impossible because YOU KNOW EVERYONE.

    15. And even IF you find someone you don't know, you will have a billion mutual friends.

    16. Things like this happening on a daily basis.

    17. When people don't understand where you're from.

    18. Your relaxed approach to security.

    19. And the "scraping the barrel" approach to journalism.

    20. This.

    21. Traffic jams.

    22. Crime on small islands can be terrifying.

    23. Though thankfully things don't tend to stay missing for very long.