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    33 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Have The Mind Of A 12-Year-Old

    Warning: This post contains crudely drawn penises. Because growing up is overrated.

    1. This office that is there to service the students.

    2. These ping pong balls.

    3. This graffiti.

    4. These bowling team names.

    5. These questionable eggs.

    6. The best theme park EVER.

    7. This sign.

    8. This labour of love.

    9. This even better labour of love.

    10. This milestone.

    11. This network name.

    12. This advert.

    13. The place where the warehouse gets all its poo.

    14. This inevitable addition.

    15. This stupid question.

    16. The work of this totally mature librarian.

    17. This offer.

    18. This acronym.

    19. This abusive warning.

    20. The girls who aren't what they seem.

    21. This book that makes us kind of uncomfortable.

    22. These drinks.

    23. This kid's valiant but ultimately doomed efforts.

    24. This granddad celebrating his 96th birthday.

    25. This dog that is definitely a dog.

    26. These herbs.

    27. This nice afternoon jog.

    28. This couple.

    29. These guys who get the job done.

    30. This bin.

    31. The greatest town in Yorkshire.

    32. Just...this.

    33. And, of course, this forest.