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Thierry Henry Reacted Brilliantly To Brendan Rodgers Getting Sacked And It Became A Huge Meme

Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry have given us new relationship goals. Pun intended.

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Just hours after his team earned a point away at local rivals Everton on Sunday, it was announced that Liverpool FC and Brendan Rodgers would be parting company by mutual consent.

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The news came through while Sky Sports' Super Sunday was still on air, meaning we got to see the faces of the pundits at the exact moment they found out.

Thankfully Twitter user @ChrisTower_88 managed to capture the magical moment at which Liverpool and Arsenal legends Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry heard the news.

It was immediately clear that Henry's shocked expression and caring caress of Carragher's leg were going to transcend football, and the internet did not let us down.

When you and your mate see the girl he fancies kissing someone else across the bar...

There were inevitable references to Netflix and chill.

Half an hour into netflix and chill when a main character dies...


There were slightly less inevitable references to the Labour leadership race. When I found out Chuka dropped out of the #LabourLeadership #CPC15

The hard-hitting news stories of the day were addressed.

When you pop into Tesco's to do your weekly shop and remember they're now charging you 5p for every carrier bag...

Some were obviously football related.

When your mate tells you he dropped Aguero last week!

Not that any knowledge of football is required to enjoy such a moment.

The actors in a bad thriller when they are told who the murderer is.


For in this six-second video, Thierry Henry is more than a footballing legend or a sexy Frenchman. He is a man. A shocked man, who is simply making sure his friend is OK.

When you find out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time

And let's be honest, that's something that every single one of us can relate to.

When our team name isn't read out first for the pub quiz, meaning we didn't come last. @AkiAshhh

In summary: Life would be better if we all had a friend like Thierry.

When you're told there's gonna be pizza.

And finally...

Brendan Rodgers Gets Sacked (Eastenders Edition)