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33 Things The Kids Of Today Will Never Understand

YOU WEREN'T THERE, MAN! These are the things that shaped modern Britain.

1. How you'd have done terrible things to get a chance to enter the Fun House.

2. Or to get your hands on one of these bad boys.

3. The power that came with being in charge of the OHP.

4. This was the main reason you were excited to FINALLY get Sky.

5. Although we all know when it comes to games you could play on your TV, there was only one winner.

6. Nothing made you happier than flicking through the Argos catalogue.

7. How you could occasionally find a fiver in your crisps and life would get that little bit better.

8. Or if you were REALLY lucky, you'd find some of these.

Found a load of TAZOs... now that was a cool @walkers_crisps promotion!

9. Looking up the VideoPlus+ number in the Radio Times to record a show and thinking that technology had peaked.

10. Having to remember all of your friends' phone numbers.

11. What these were.

12. Being able to have these for school dinners.

13. Being rewarded for going shopping with your mum with Pick'n'Mix from Woolworths.

14. Trying (and failing) to tape the top 40 without the DJ talking over it.

15. And, of course, actually being able to see the acts from the top 40 on TV.

16. Your sexual awakening being caused by a very bendy woman with a giant cotton bud.

17. How the launch of a new TV channel was national news.

18. How hard it was for kids to understand the concept of rhyming.

19. And that long before Ant was Ant, PJ taught us why you should ALWAYS wear goggles when paintballing.

20. What it's like to have a new Harry Potter book be released.

21. How there was once a time when blue Smarties were actually blue.

This less-toxic-coloured blue smartie makes me sad. Take me back to my childhood where smarties were ACTUALLY blue.

22. That, as hard as it may be to believe, Man Utd used to win things.

23. How effective this advert was.

View this video on YouTube

youtube.com / Via Sumol + Compal

24. Because the internet was still mostly rubbish, the only place you could find video game cheats was on Channel 4's Gamesmaster.

And yes, that's Jet from Gladiators again. Because you can never have enough Jet from Gladiators.

25. How people could smoke in pubs.

26. When these little guys were 10p each (as they still should be!).

27. How BBC Two would just show pages from Ceefax thoughout the night until programming started again in the morning.

28. That there were only two hours of kids TV each day, rather than entire channels.

29. Being able to watch The Simpsons WITHOUT ADVERTS on BBC Two.

30. Signing in and out on MSN Messenger to attract the attention of the person you fancied.

31. Or not being able to log off because your friend was sending you a song.

32. Staying up to watch Eurotrash, because nudity.

33. And finally, this noise...