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There's A "Last Jedi" Easter Egg In "Rogue One" You Almost Certainly Missed

Warning: contains spoilers from a galaxy far, far away.

Unless you've been hiding in the Outer Rim, you probably noticed that The Last Jedi finally hit cinemas this past weekend.

And the fact you're reading this post suggests you already know it contains quite a lot of this:

A little of this:

A refreshing number of these guys:

And even an unexpected appearance from Kylo Ren's Sith-bod.

spoiler alert bitches: Kylo Ren showed his titties.

But it also includes something we've never seen before: the First Order seems to have the ability to track ships through hyperspace.

Up to now, escaping from the Empire/First Order has been as simple as pressing a button (assuming the hyperdrive on the Falcon was actually working...), so what's changed?

Incredibly, it turns out Rogue One has the answer. Reddit user /u/rhodetolove made this incredible find:

Without this tiny, VERY easy-to-miss setup, it could be argued that the hyperspace tracking in The Last Jedi is a little too convenient.

But the fact that this was technology that was being worked on decades earlier, at the height of the Empire, was a great touch by the writers (of both films).

And in case you thought this was just a massive coincidence, this is how Pablo Hidalgo – who works in story development at Lucasfilm – responded when it was pointed out on Twitter.

So, very well done to everyone involved. Weesa very grateful.