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    40 Ways Growing Up On The Isle Of Man Changes You Forever

    For anyone who knows that chips, cheese, and gravy count as three of your five a day.

    1. Because it's always a conversation starter.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    If by a conversation you mean shouting "NO IT'S NOT NEAR SOUTHAMPTON" at someone until you pass out.

    2. Because you learn to take the rough.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    (Rough like the sea.)

    3. With the smooth.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    (Smooth like the sea.)

    4. Because you fail to see what's not normal about chips, cheese, and gravy.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: kishimoto

    Show me a national dish that's better!

    5. Because life there is pretty peaceful.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    There's a great pun coming up. You ready?

    6. So you learn how to cope with just...hanging around.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Man, that really was a great pun.

    7. Because you understand that your life will never be quite the same without Griddles.

    That's one smug-looking Colonel.

    8. Because wherever you go in the world, someone will have heard of it.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Even if the reason they've heard of it is something you spent your entire youth ignoring.

    9. Because when someone brings up waterwheels you've got an unbeatable fact in your back pocket.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: synx508

    Sadly, people don't bring up waterwheels half as much as you'd like.

    10. Because you understand what wind really is.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    (Hint: It is very different to what Londoners think wind is.)

    11. Because you know that some places do still charge £1 per drink (or £1.30 for a pint).

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: brighton

    It's a quid. To get in. And it's called Quids Inn. GEDDIT?!

    12. Because being from somewhere with an endangered language is something to be proud of.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: oldmiwl

    Even if you can't speak a word of it.

    13. Because politicians feel accessible, whether you agree with them or not.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    14. Because there's always some sort of drama.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Especially if you hang around Colours on a Saturday night. (Yes, I know it's not called that anymore. No, I couldn't be bothered to find out what it's called instead.)

    15. Because you have a slightly different idea of what constitutes a crime.

    16. Because it gives you time to reflect.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Here I toyed with the literal and metaphorical meanings of the word "reflect". Good, huh?

    17. Because you know your neighbours are never too far away.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    But that doesn't mean you have to spend time with them.

    18. Because darkness on the Isle of Man is like nowhere else.

    Ron Strathdee / Via


    19. Because you can appreciate any nightclub in the world once you've been in the worst.


    There are those people who don't think the Outback is that bad. Those people are very, very wrong and deserve to be told how wrong they are on an hourly basis.

    20. Because you're only ever five minutes from complete silence.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Hear that? Nope? Exactly.

    21. Because for two weeks a year you know there's nowhere quite like the Bushy's tent.


    (I promise it's much better than this photo makes it look. Well, a little better at least.)

    22. Because you don't have to go too far to feel on top of the world.

    Ron Strathdee / Via


    23. Because you know what's at the end of the rainbow.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Spoiler: There's no gold. Just a golf course.

    24. Because there's always someone willing to say hello.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Yes, that's right. On the Isle of Man, seals can talk. Every day's a schoolday, eh?

    25. Because you understand the morning commute doesn't have to be the worst part of your day.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Let's ignore the fact that the trains don't really start until about 10am and you'd probably be very late. But...pretty, right?

    26. Because if you can take on the Quarter Bridge and survive, you can do anything.

    Google Maps

    Until you leave the island and drive on actual roads and realise it's a pretty standard roundabout. But when you're 16 it'll make you shit yourself, I promise!

    27. Because you appreciate the importance of tradition.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    My, what a big shovel.

    28. Because you know that the best trains have names.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Though tbh, they don't really respond when you call their names. Ignorant bastards.

    29. Because you'll spend the rest of your life trying to find a view as good as Bradda Head at sunset.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    I can't be funny about this. It's too pretty. Sorry.

    30. Because you know it's always vital that you have a plan B.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: dazzy1960

    But if your plan B is flying, you'd better hope you've got a plan C...

    31. Because you know that all storms, no matter how severe...

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    32. ...will eventually pass.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    (But then another storm will probably come about 20 minutes later, so enjoy it while you can.)

    33. Because you know that what cats lack in tails, they make up for in personality.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 69302634@N02


    34. Because you're now an expert on cycling.

    Harry How / Getty Images

    You've got something on your face, Cav.

    35. Because you think it's totally fine to believe in fairies.


    Being told you'll crash your car unless you wave at the fairies is enough to make the most cynical mind reconsider.

    36. Because you'll never be able to say what one of these is called.

    Via Flickr: liftarn


    37. Because you know how important it is to make the most of the three days of summer the island has each year.

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jammydonutworld

    Though you'd be amazed how burnt people can get in three days. 😡

    38. Because instead of making you feel trapped...

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    39. ...being surrounded by water actually makes you feel protected.

    Ron Strathdee / Via

    Well, ever since the Vikings invaded, at least.

    40. Just, because...

    Ron Strathdee / Via

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