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40 Ways Growing Up On The Isle Of Man Changes You Forever

For anyone who knows that chips, cheese, and gravy count as three of your five a day.

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9. Because when someone brings up waterwheels you've got an unbeatable fact in your back pocket.

14. Because there's always some sort of drama.

Ron Strathdee / Via

Especially if you hang around Colours on a Saturday night. (Yes, I know it's not called that anymore. No, I couldn't be bothered to find out what it's called instead.)

19. Because you can appreciate any nightclub in the world once you've been in the worst.


There are those people who don't think the Outback is that bad. Those people are very, very wrong and deserve to be told how wrong they are on an hourly basis.

21. Because for two weeks a year you know there's nowhere quite like the Bushy's tent.


(I promise it's much better than this photo makes it look. Well, a little better at least.)

25. Because you understand the morning commute doesn't have to be the worst part of your day.

Ron Strathdee / Via

Let's ignore the fact that the trains don't really start until about 10am and you'd probably be very late. But...pretty, right?

26. Because if you can take on the Quarter Bridge and survive, you can do anything.

Google Maps

Until you leave the island and drive on actual roads and realise it's a pretty standard roundabout. But when you're 16 it'll make you shit yourself, I promise!

37. Because you know how important it is to make the most of the three days of summer the island has each year.

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