The 24 Weirdest Things Ever Seen On The London Underground

Please mind the didgeridoo.

24. Charlie Chaplin.

23. A dalmatian reading his book.

22. A timelord.

21. This hipster native American.

20. A town crier.

18. A didgeridoo

17. This total clown.

16. The Hulk’s parents.

15. The saddest penguin in all the land.

14. The cast of Animal Farm.

13. This mythical creature.

12. A pirate on dress-down Friday.

11. These terrifying death Wombles that will haunt our nightmares.

10. The woman’s questionable choice in partner.

9. Tired Zippy.

8. An actual baby bear.

7. These twins who wear the same clothes.

Though we’re not ruling out the theory that there’s a glitch in the matrix somewhere on Northern Line.

6. Shredder, Rafael and Leonardo.

5. Someone actually being nice.

4. The bird man of the Piccadilly Line.

3. Umm…

2. A fox on his way home from work.

1. And finally, a couple getting married on the Victoria Line.

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Robin Edds is editor-at-large at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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