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It's Likely The Next Season Of "Game Of Thrones" Will Only Be Seven Episodes Long

Thrones director Jack Bender has suggested that next season will be significantly shorter. As if the off-season wasn't already dark and full of terrors. Spoilers ahead.

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And Dany has gone and got herself a big fuck-off khalasar to help her do some invading. Again.


Not to mention learning who the White Walkers are, finding out why Hodor is Hodor, and losing two direwolves in just three episodes. 💔

When asked about whether he'd be returning to Thrones for the next season, he responded:

I don't know the answer to that. They're only doing seven [episodes], and they've got their regulars who have done it forever. I know that I had a wonderful experience doing the show and I know that Dan and David are thrilled with the shows, but I've got this series I'm mounting for the beginning of 2017 based on Stephen King's trilogy of books, starting with Mr. Mercedes.