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    The 24 Most "Only In Scotland" Things That Have Ever Happened

    "Win or lose, we are on the booze."

    1. Only in Scotland do you find two guys on the bus taking selfies with a keg they stole from the pub.

    2. Only in Scotland are haircuts this much fun.

    3. And it's the only place where days have seasons.

    4. Only in Scotland is it so easy to trust a stranger.

    Never sell a golf club on Facebook to someone from East Kilbride!

    5. Only in Scotland do they call you out with quite so much style.

    6. And is the truth held in such high regard.

    7. Only in Scotland are there so many breathtaking sights.

    8. Only in Scotland do you come across a love like this.

    9. And you'll find nowhere else where family is so important.

    10. Only in Scotland do they always find the silver lining.

    11. Only in Scotland do they know how to keep warm when winter sets in.

    12. Whatever the time of day.

    13. Only in Scotland do they speak their mind to power.

    Brilliant! #TrumpBan #peoplemakeglasgow #RefugeesWelcome

    14. Whatever their age.

    15. Or species.

    Dog against Trump in Glasgow #MuslimBanprotest

    16. Only in Scotland is fine art this fine.

    #lunchoflegends #onlyinscotland spotted in local art gallery 😂

    17. And nowhere has such an impressive way with words.

    18. Only in Scotland are they so concerned about health and safety.

    19. Only in Scotland do they take zero shit.

    20. Only in Scotland is help given even when you didn't ask for it.

    21. Only in Scotland do they take Easter so seriously.

    22. Only in Scotland are the sporting superstars so easy to talk to.

    23. Not to mention professional.

    Scottish football mate, Niall McGinn smashing a Yazoo after coming off. Wouldn't get that south of the border

    24. And only in Scotland do they truly understand the merits of a multicultural society.