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The 24 Most "Only In Scotland" Things That Have Ever Happened

"Win or lose, we are on the booze."

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4. Only in Scotland is it so easy to trust a stranger.

Never sell a golf club on Facebook to someone from East Kilbride!


9. And you'll find nowhere else where family is so important.


13. Only in Scotland do they speak their mind to power.

Brilliant! #TrumpBan #peoplemakeglasgow #RefugeesWelcome

15. Or species.

Dog against Trump in Glasgow #MuslimBanprotest

16. Only in Scotland is fine art this fine.

#lunchoflegends #onlyinscotland spotted in local art gallery 😂


23. Not to mention professional.

Scottish football mate, Niall McGinn smashing a Yazoo after coming off. Wouldn't get that south of the border