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The 41 Most Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened

So much cringing. So little time.

1. Stephen Merchant showing JGL who's boss.

2. The newsreader who picked up a pack of paper instead of his iPad.

3. This moment between a woman and her dog.

4. This complicated door.

5. This act of musical fusion.

6. The king of the awkward penguins.

7. The time that society realised how important underwater cameras are.

8. This stealthy escape.

9. Awkward Nirvana.

10. The time Seth Rogan forgot who he was.

11. This guy whose bad day just got quite a bit worse.

12. Jenga at the Romneys.

13. This priest who misjudged his audience.

14. This man's wrong turn.

15. The quiz show that just got a lot more interesting.

16. These guys who should have settled for a hearty handshake.

17. This shake that failed not once, not twice, but thrice.

18. The person who fell asleep like this.

19. This streaker.

20. These bros.

21. This incident that just made cricket 5,000% more exciting.

22. This lonely fist pump.

23. Arsene Wenger's elusive pocket.

24. Not to mention his impossible zip.

25. This guy who you totally didn't see.

26. This guy who isn't waking up for anyone.

27. When Luis Suarez expected his teammates to be right behind him.

28. When Jeremy Hunt MP was a massive Jeremy Hunt on live TV.

29. This woman's first experience with doors.

30. The tennis player whose hand stayed there a little too long.

31. This bellyflop that was being watched by millions.

32. The first kiss at the wedding of two virgins.

33. The time Mickey Rourke's date was less than impressed.

34. This dolphin's advances.

35. These Scottish celebrations.

36. When Jay snubbed Kim.

37. This guy who misread the situation.

38. This high-five stalemate.

39. The hockey player who isn't as refreshed as he was hoping.

40. This kid who won't be getting on a swing again anytime soon.

41. And, of course, Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind guy.