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    The 25 Greatest Things That Have Ever Happened In The North Of England

    When it comes to sense of humour, the north wins every time.

    1. This waxwork of Ringo Starr found in a Liverpool museum.

    2. This incredible tale of footballing rivalry.

    3. This green-fingered graffiti.

    4. This lack of bollocks.

    5. This show of resilience.

    6. This penguin.

    7. This helpful note at a Manchester train station.

    8. This excuse on a Subway.

    9. The quote on this Man City fan's gravestone.

    10. This guy just enjoying his beer on a bus stop in Hull.

    11. This apology.

    12. This car spotted in Manchester.

    13. This DIY hammock.

    14. Whatever these two are up to.

    15. This misjudged photo opportunity.

    16. This letter.

    17. This review of Warrington IKEA.

    18. This carwash.

    19. This conveniently accurate accident.

    20. This breaking news from Sheffield.

    21. This example of good advice.

    22. This place, that is nowhere near Bel Air.

    23. This banner.

    24. This place.

    25. And finally, this mystery.