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    The 21 Most Socially Awkward Things That Happen In The Pub

    So, what's your table number?

    1. When the bartender pours you the wrong drink but you feel too bad to tell them and so drink it anyway.

    2. When there's a funny taste to the beer, but complaining isn't an option so you convince yourself it's you that's the problem.

    3. When you have to offer someone a drink because they've finished a drink just as you're about to go to the bar, even though you don't really know them.

    4. When you hear questionable noises coming from a toilet cubicle.

    5. When you’re queueing at the bar and then realise you’ve squeezed your way in between two people who were mid-conversation.

    6. When there are kids in the pub and their parents silently judge you.

    7. When you realise you should NOT have said, "OK, I'll have one more."

    8. Getting two drinks in and being told it's a £10 card minimum, so having to ask the person you're buying a drink for to pay.

    9. When it becomes apparent that people have just used a urinal as a rough target for where they should piss.

    10. When urinals get blocked and overflow.

    11. When someone owes you a drink but refuses to offer you one.

    12. When all you want is a quiet drink and half the pub is taken up by a hen/stag do.

    13. When you sit down and realise you turned up on pub quiz night.

    14. When you see an excellent dog in the pub and want to stroke it.

    15. When someone gets served before you even though you were there first, but you don’t want to actually start a fight so you just exhale and shake your head.

    16. When you get served first even though someone was there before you, but you’re in a rush so pretend like you didn’t see them and they don't stop staring at you.

    17. When you realise that the pub isn't exactly known for its food.

    18. When someone asks you if a seat is free, and you just do that “take it” hand gesture rather than say anything.

    19. When you order food and they ask you your table number and you have no idea so you just point and say "over there".

    20. When you synchronise your toilet pattern with a random person.

    21. When you realise that you're the drunkest one there.