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35 Struggles Of Being A Liverpool Fan In Your Twenties

Expectation really is the root of all heartache.

1. When you think of Liverpool Football Club, you probably think of their history.

2. About Shankly.

3. About Paisley and his three European Cups.

4. About Dalglish, and Keegan, and Rush.


5. Now that's all well and good.

6. But for those of us who were born towards the end of that reign, it's been nothing but false dawns and disappointment.

7. As of 1992, Liverpool had won 18 league titles. Their old rivals from down the M62 had won just 7.

So signs like this were commonplace.

8. But 21 years later United have just celebrated winning their 19th title. While Livepool have still only won 18.

In fact it's now been 23 years since Liverpool last won a league title.

9. United have managed to win 12 titles in that time.

10. Which was a lot of fun to watch.

11. For a team who couldn't stop winning in the 70s and 80s...

12. And they're not the only team Liverpool fans have had to watch lift that illusive trophy.


13. Even Blackburn, who are stuck in the Championship, can console themselves with this fact.

14. It's not like they haven't come close.


15. Really close.

16. Weirdly, some of their greatest ever players have played during this period. Like this guy.

17. And this kid wasn't bad.

18. This guy was definitely at his peak during his Liverpool days.

19. And if you're talking about great players, you have to mention arguably the best of them all.

20. He may not (yet) have brought Liverpool a league trophy, but you can only imagine the trouble the team would have been in without him.

21. He's done things like this on a regular basis for the last 15 years.

22. And like the recently retired Jamie Carragher, he's a one club man.

23. Yet somehow, this is true.

24. He did, however, bring Liverpool fans the one moment that has (almost) made the last 23 years of league disappointment worth it.

25. At 3-0 down against AC Milan in the Champions League final, he single handedly turned the game around, giving Liverpool their fifth European Cup.

However, true to form, even when being crowned the best team in Europe, Liverpool could only scrape a fifth place finish in the Premier League.

26. It was the latest in a long line of false dawns.

27. And away from the field, their fans are often asked to defend the indefensible.

28. From hungry strikers.

29. To their current away kit.

OK, you caught us, this isn't the kit in question. But if anything this one is an improvement.

30. But all this means that Liverpool fans have learnt to expect, and accept, disappointment.

31. We're no longer the best team in the world, and we're fine with that.

32. That first league title since 1990 may never come. That's cool.

33. Getting too carried away with things can only end in tears.

34. Having said that, we've won our first three games and are top of the league!

35. We're gonna do it. We're actually gonna win the bloody league! Suck it, bitches.

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