23 Socially Awkward Moments You Encounter At Every Wedding

    In sickness, in health, and in unimaginable awkwardness.

    1. When you're in the wedding party and are forced to wear terrible clothes.

    2. This.

    3. When a bitter old relative tries to warn the bride and groom to change their mind.

    4. When there's a grandparent who definitely doesn't approve.

    5. When the kid who was probably too young to be invited inevitably starts crying two minutes into the ceremony.

    6. When you realise that wedding ceremonies are amongst the dullest things in the world.

    7. When someone gets teary and everyone laughs at them.

    8. When you get to the "does anyone know of any lawful impediment" bit and have have to use all your self restraint not to say anything even though you know of no lawful impediment.

    9. When the first kiss is a little too graphic and people don't know where to look.

    10. When you're the only one who's alone.

    11. Forever and always.

    12. So very, very alone.

    13. When the bridesmaids steal the bride's spotlight.

    14. When you come dressed as the tablecloth.

    15. When they try to come up with a really original table plan, but you don't have a clue what it says.

    16. When you get to your table and find you've been sat next to a single person in a blatant attempt to set you up.

    17. When this happens.

    18. When you forget the name of the person you're sat next to but it's been too long to ask them again.

    19. When you have to eat something you don't really like through politeness.

    20. When you get to that level of drunkness when you feel you HAVE to hook up with someone because it's a wedding and that's what people do.

    21. Pretty much anything to do with the throwing of the bouquet.

    22. This age old problem.

    23. And finally when your drunk face ruins pretty much every photo taken throughout the entire day.